J. Cobb

The Detroit streets have birthed a number of dynamic legendary artists from Jazz to Blues to Hip-Hop. Motor City native J. Cobb is geared to be added to the roster, as the emerging rap star brings his No Filter approach to music.

As a preteen, young J. would put his pen to the paper in the midst of early-onset life-altering events. “This was right around the time my parents divorced,” he reflects. “It was not only my version of self-therapy, but it also gave me this creative freedom along with the artistic expression that I had been searching for.”

Classically trained on the piano, J. was always intrigued by not only classical music, but the sounds of Motown and bridging the gap between his playing music and writing lyrics. His environment also nurtured him greatly. “Growing up in Detroit is what truly made me who I am: humble, hardworking, fearless, and driven,” he says. “It's interesting though because I've always felt I existed between these two polar-opposite universes and this really started as a child growing up in Detroit, but attending school in a suburb called Grosse Pointe.” He would take in local hip-hop legends like Eminem, Dilla, Royce Da 5’9, and Black Milk along with pillars of Black music like Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, and George Clinton. By the time J. was choosing a career path, another life-changing event happened.

“My senior year of high school I broke my jaw playing varsity football and coincidentally this was the exact same time that Kanye West was in his car accident, his jaw was wired shut, and ‘Through the Wire’ came out,” he recalls. “I interpreted this as a sign that my calling was not to play football in college, but to pursue a career in music. What better place to get started than downtown Detroit at Wayne State University?”

While in college, J. formed his own production company at 20, and continuously honed his craft as an artist. After dropping some loosie tracks and building his name—along with developing two music technology companies on the East and West Coasts—J. Cobb was bound for New York City years later, armed with ambition and a musical skillset that’s second to none.

The culmination of his life experiences has arrived in the form of No Filter, the debut release from J. Cobb. The project embodies every part of J. Cobb’s persona, coupled with production that effectively hugs his strong lyrics. “We have classic Jazz-influenced old school vibes, to more chill atmospheric-type tracks, to love songs, and then ‘in your face’ rap songs,” he explains of the album’s sound. Cuts like the opener “Rollin” is a THC-infused introduction where J. both celebrates success and recalls past tribulations. Other songs like “Now,” “Do You,” and “Good” show J. flexing his lyrics, while “Bag” (with Lil Ronnie) and “Another You” (with Bo Napoleon) are destined for radio airplay. Still, J. Cobb keeps it autobiographical with cuts like “WhY KnoT” and “Promise.” While the album has “something for everyone,” there is unbridled authenticity that will surely propel J. to becoming a household name.

J. Cobb lives up to every sentiment reflected in an apropos title like No Filter, as he brings his truth to music with no holds barred. “My personal goal is to create quality music,” he says of his personal ethos. His album is proof of that trajectory. However, as J. Cobb continues to grow in his destined path, his plan for the world is much bigger and bound to happen, given his drive to succeed. “My universal goal is to create a collective,” he explains, “to nurture and help other talented artists grow and achieve their own dreams.”